Digital services & staffing

We provide human-centered, reliable solutions to solve your problems.

We're seasoned experts that you can trust to exceed government customer's expectations:

  • • Staffing
  • • AI/ML solutions
  • • Software
  • • Modernization

Our company's President is a 3-time Chief Technology Officer.

13 years experience building tech companies & hiring exceptional talent.

9 years of experience with AI/ML and data science.

Successfully integrated her technology into a multi-billion dollar global enterprise.

Master's degree in Computer Science from Cornell University

Bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Houston

★ Above all, we do everything with integrity.

We serve:

Government customers...

Our team of contract managers work diligently with our government customers to ensure the quality of our service is unparalleld and all performance metrics are met.

One of our experienced team members will oversee the contract and provide regular feedback to the Contracting Officer and COR as needed.

NAICS codes


Administrative Management and General Management Consulting Services


Other Computer Related Services


Custom Computer Programming Services


Computer Systems Design Service


All Other Professional, Scientific and Technical Services


Research and Development in the Physical, Engineering, and Life Sciences (except Nanotechnology and Biotechnology)

Here are just a few ways we can help...

    • Build custom software
    • AI, MLOps
    • Systems design
    • Hiring
    • Staffing
    • Contract & Full Time
    • Cloud computing
    • DevSecOps
    • Research & Development

Past Performance / Experience

Healthcare AI software for patients w/chronic diseases

Designed greenfield architecture: MLOps, analytics and data pipelines. Designed pipelines for batch processing (Azure tools. Data Lake. Databricks.). Research ML models. Designed GDPR compliant patient-data handling system.

AI software that detects eye disease (computer vision)

Created a working product in under 3 months (no prior working product). Used in a full clinical trial — worked w/ the FDA to satisfy engr documentation rigor. Hired, led team of data scientists & engineers. Designed architecture and MLOps.
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B2B, automated cybersecurity (acquired by Infor).

GitLinks was acquired by a multi-billion dollar enterprise (Infor) w/20,000 employees globally and 90,000+ business partners. Initiated a massive pivot to product-market fit. Handled DevOps hands-on. Coded all frontend. Hired & led our engineering team.
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AI publication (NLP language model) is being used at companies & academia

Published AI publications (and code) that are now used at companies and in graduate schools. Over 21,000 readers.
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We have industry experts from:



Artificial Intelligence, NLP (Language Models), Computer Vision, Machine Learning, Data Science



Finding & staffing the best talent






Business to Business



Application security (Cybersecurity)



2-sided Marketplaces



Principal Software Engineer at Microsoft (one of the highest levels for engineers)

Our reputation rests on delivering excellence every single time.

When you work with Chief Tech, you're working with a team that's dedicated to completing all contractual objectives within the scope of work.